About the Website

[Testing] – 360×180 Spherical Panoramas

As I promised before, a new type of gallery will be added that will showcase 360 degrees spherical panoramas. It will happen really soon, and as proof, here’s one example (click on image).

I just need to add more material and make a separate page for it.


Yes! I finally got the website up and running! After years of showcasing my work through Blogspot, Flickr and sometimes Facebook, I decided it’s time to “go pro”.

I felt the need of a more serious portfolio environment. Somewhere where I could organize my photos and videos as I wished. A personal website was the next step.

After a year of “I’m gonna have my own website”, now it’s done.

In the future you’re going to see “Videos” and “360 Flash Panorama” categories.

I hope you like it – and the photos of course – and feel free to leave comments and feedbacks. If you have a business proposition for a photo shoot or event coverage, or just want to send me a personal message you can use the Contact form(left side, last item).