The advantages of RAW

Many ask why you should shoot RAW. I’m not going into details, but I’m just going to show a little example of what a RAW file is capable of holding in terms of lost details.

Why Shoot Raw

Everything you see in the second image was present in the RAW file. No sky swapping, or adding color in the sky. The photo was edited intensely but there’s no “collage” in it.

DONE! 360×180 Spherical Panoramas

Finally, I overcame my laziness and created the spherical panoramas page. Most of them(for now) are single panoramas, but there are some multi-panoramas interactive tours also. I’ve marked them with a yellow circle and “Interactive Tour” overlay in the upper left corner, for easier recognition.

Here they are, I hope you like them!

[Testing] – 360×180 Spherical Panoramas

As I promised before, a new type of gallery will be added that will showcase 360 degrees spherical panoramas. It will happen really soon, and as proof, here’s one example (click on image).

I just need to add more material and make a separate page for it.

Spontaneous night shoot

Night, a friend’s new Nikon D90, a simple 18-105 VR kit lens, a flashlight, and a piece of cardboard used as a tripod. The shoot was not planed in any way, we just went out and improvised. This is the final result.


Camera settings used: 30 s, F14, 18mm, ISO 200.


Yes! I finally got the website up and running! After years of showcasing my work through Blogspot, Flickr and sometimes Facebook, I decided it’s time to “go pro”.

I felt the need of a more serious portfolio environment. Somewhere where I could organize my photos and videos as I wished. A personal website was the next step.

After a year of “I’m gonna have my own website”, now it’s done.

In the future you’re going to see “Videos” and “360 Flash Panorama” categories.

I hope you like it – and the photos of course – and feel free to leave comments and feedbacks. If you have a business proposition for a photo shoot or event coverage, or just want to send me a personal message you can use the Contact form(left side, last item).