About Me

My name is Bogdan Boeru, and this is my website. 

All right genius, we guessed that already!


Ok, now let me tell you the rest.

I’m born in 1989, I finished the “Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts Highschool” in Bucharest in 2008. A few months after that I was accepted at the “National University of Fine Arts (UNARTE)” in Bucharest, the “Photography and Video” department.

Three years later I graduated, and now I work as a freelance photographer.

I’m doing photography for about 7 years now. I started with a Sony Mavica FD-88 that wrote files on floppy disks. Yeah, exactly! 4 full size, 1.3mpx images on one floppy disk. 8x optical zoom of digital beauty. Big, bulky beauty.

My next step was a bridge camera(lack of funds for a dSLR, but the next best thing). Fuji S9600 was its name, and was the nicest bridge camera I saw to date. When the time(and money) came, I got a newly released Nikon D90. Then most recently a Nikon D800.

Now I have a large variety of photo equipment, and I’m able to do almost any kind of shot. From macro shots, to on location studio photography.

I hope you like the photographs on this website. Feel free to leave feedback if you’d like, and if you want to contact me please use the contact form on the website.



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